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What is Homo Luminous?

To understand Homo Luminous, it’s instructive to first assess where humanity is today. Humanity is currently Homo Sapien, which really means beings of ‘survival’. It is true that some people may survive in a better life style than others, but nevertheless they’re in survival, living a relatively short life of maybe 70 or 80 years. During that lifetime people expect that they can become ill and face all manner of physical challenges. Manifesting the life you want in this state of survival can be difficult, and relationships can be challenging.


In effect, the state of Homo-Sapien is a life lived strictly in the lower 4 dimensions in the small rational mind of humanity, but you are so much more…there are 107 dimensions and intrinsically you are a multi-dimensional being…


Humanity lives at the cross hairs of where consciousness becomes physical, but that consciousness doesn’t need to be the small rational mind of humanity barely surviving in 4 dimensions. Humanity has the right to access and live from the holographic mind of all things in those 107 dimensions. In this higher state humanity is an Adept. This is the consciousness you’d want to live from at the cross hairs of creation. The consciousness of infinite opportunity and possibilities where it wouldn’t even be possible for you to be sick. That’s right.


Did you know your body was designed for 500 years? Did you know that as an Adept you could never be ill? Did you know that as an Adept you could project your mind onto a wall and show your thoughts like a movie? Did you know that as an Adept if your finger were cut off you could regrow it within hours? If you wished to be somewhere else, you could simply tele-transport yourself to the desired location. Will these abilities appear instantly with no dedication on your part? No, but they will be intrinsically available if you wish to develop them in this higher state of consciousness.

To achieve the state of living from the holographic mind of all things takes some dedication, but the prize is rich. Moses, the Higher of the Krishna, Jesus, the Buddha [and many others] said: “You are all I am and more”… This simple message has been distorted down through time as people have been entrained into thinking they’re far less than they are.


You are one of the most powerful Spirits in the Universe, but if no one tells you that, and if no one introduces you to the knowledge of the more infinite you, how are you to attain it?


A Homo-Luminous world is a world without fear, it is a world of plenty where no one goes without a meal, it is a world of love and light. It is a world of immense learning and joy…and in fact, joy is the emotion that gets it all started.


Today you can find many amazing ancient places with wonderful sacred sites, such as the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, or Machu Picchu in Peru, and so on. When you enter these amazing places, it’s like your body sighs a sigh of relief, you light up and you feel wonderful all over. Why don’t we build such magnificent structures today? Well, we will again when we return to Homo-Luminous, beings of light.


Imagine a world filled with kindness, a world with no crime, a world with no sickness, a world where no one goes hungry. A world of plenty. A world where people cooperate with each other in fun and love to create new and wonderful things. This is the world of Homo Luminous and this is where we’re going.

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